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5 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On People


Jumping is a normal canine behavior but it can be very aggravating for you if your dog has a habit of leaping up on you and others.  While a small pooch that jumps may not be a terrible bother, in the case of large breeds, this can be quite dangerous at times, especially because they can frighten or injure children and the elderly and even knock you down. 


Thus, if your jumping dog is a problem, below are some tips you can put into practice to help you control this particular action and prevent it from happening in the future.


Tip 1 – When you arrive home or when guests come over, have your dog wait a minimum of 15 minutes before you greet him. The point of this is to assert your dominance over him, which is important because one of the reasons dogs jump is to display dominance.  He may become a nuisance during the time that you ignore him, but you must pay not mind to him, as this will help him realize his attempt to get your attention is in vain. 


Tip 2 – Train him to sit.  Give him this command the moment you think he is ready to spring.  When he sits, praise him and pet him.  This instruction will distract him from his original intentions.


Tip 3 – Give him the “Off” command.  If he jumps on you, tell him “Off!” in a hard voice and bear your teeth at him while making eye contact.  He should immediately understand your meaning as your reaction would resemble something close to how a pup’s mother would respond if she ordered him to calm down.   Taking him by the collar and pulling him down while giving the instruction may also be helpful.  When he responds as you wish, praise him.


Tip 4 – Crouch down to his height when you greet him.  He will be less inclined to leap up if he can already reach your face.  Should he hop up, tell him “off”.


Tip 5 – Do not rough house with your pooch (I.E. tug-of-war, wrestling, etc.) or encourage him to jump on you when playing.  If he thinks this is acceptable during play, he will not know the difference when he greets you.
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