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Dog Hair Accessories

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Which is better, Barrettes or Elastics?  CLICK HERE for the answer.

A Pet's World was the first company to introduce Barrettes for Dogs in 1998.  We have the largest selection of dog hair accessories, including Starched Show Bows for topknots and fountains. Many of the flowers and bows are designed by A Pet's World and exclusive to our collection. To view even more dog hair bows and flowers, be sure to check out our unique embellished collars, harnesses and leash section.

Choose from dog barrettes and grooming elastics with 2 rubber bands so they last longer. Both are offered in dozens of different flower options, a wide assortment of dressy and casual dog bows, bones, bees and butterflies to adorn your pet's hair. We even have flowers and doggy bows for weddings and starched show bows so your pet can look like a show dog. Need puppy hair bows or bows for boy dogs? A Pet's World has more doggie bows than anyone!
Now, you can buy trendy Feathers for your dog's fur from A Pet's World.  Choose from several colors and Neutrals to Neons on alligator clips.
Male Dog Bows | Dog Hair Accessories
Hair Toys for Boys! Barrettes and Elastics for male dogsCLICK on the photo to see all the styles.
Dog Hair Accessories Flowers Bees and Butterflies
CLICK on the photo to see all of the styles offered.
Fancy Dog Bows and Bones
CLICK on the photo to see all of the dog bow and bone styles offered.
Christmas & Holiday Dog Bows
CLICK on the photo to see all of the styles offered.
Halloween Dog Hair Bows
CLICK on the photo to see all the designs--Spiders, Pumpkins, Marabou & More.
Starched Show Bows
CLICK on the photo to see all designs offered
Trendy Feathers on alligator clips for your dog's hair. The newest pet accessory.