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Help your dog get comfortable with your new dog tote or pet carrier

Create A Positive Experience for the Pet in the Carrier/Tote

Let your pet become used to the tote before you take him out in it. Place the tote/carrier on the floor and put his favorite toy and a treat or chew (Bully sticks work well) in the tote. Let him go in and out of the carrier for a day or two.

After a day or two, put your Pet in the tote/carrier along with his favorite chew or treat and toy and take him outside to play or to run. Do this a couple of times.

When you are ready for your first outing, remember to put your pet's favorite chew in the tote with a favorite toy.

Once your Pet associates the Tote/Carrier with a positive experience such as an outing with you, he will be jumping into the tote in no time!