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Hair Bows for Dogs

Barrettes Vs. Elastic Grooming Bands



Stores and consumers frequently ask the question…Which is better, dog barrettes or grooming bands (elastics)?


Our answer….It depends.


Some bows are too small to fit on a barrette.  Barrettes are easier for most people to put in.  However,  we do recommend that you use an elastic grooming band to secure the fountain first and then put the barrette in the dog’s hair.  It is easier to change the barrette more often if you so desire.


For 2 topknots, we recommend dog bows and flowers with elastic grooming bands.  A Pet’s World uses 2 elastics on every bow and flower so they last longer.  Our grooming bands are also treated so they don't tear the hair as much as other bands.
Elastics tend to stay in longer.  It is not as easy for the pet to paw them out of their hair.  You can also combine more than one elastic in the same fountain... 2 different flowers for example:


Elastics and barrettes both work to gather the pet’s hair for a single fountain on top of the head. offers more dog hair accessories for top knots and fountains than anyone!

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