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We urge you to consult our sizing guidelines and charts before submitting your order. Personalized, Custom and Sale merchandise is not accepted for returns or exchanges.

Since sizes within the same breed can vary dramatically, we are not able to tell you what size your pet wears. Following are sizing guidelines.  Please measure your pet:

 Adjustable Nylon Webbing Quick Release Collars and Harnesses:

Adjustable Collars 

Measure your pet's neck, where the collar will sit, as accurately as possible and order the size that is equivalent to that number: E.g. If your pet's neck measures 18" order a size Large collar. Refer to the chart below:






3/8" width





5/8" width



12"-19 3/4"


1" width





 Step In Quick Release Harnesses  

Measure your pet's girth (chest area 1" behind the front legs) as accurately as possible and order the size equivalent to that number. If your pet's girth measures 15" order a size Small harness. Please note that a Pet's collar and harness size usually do not coincide. Please refer to the chart below:



Extra Small




3/8" width






5/8" width


11"- 14"




1" width






 Leather Collars 

Measure your Pet's neck, where the collar will sit, as accurately as possible and that is your pet's collar size. If your pet's neck measures 7" or 8" order a size 8 leather collar. There are extra holes to go a little smaller and one hole to go a little larger. If your pet's neck measures 20", order a size 20 Leather Collar. Leather collars are sized numerically.

Apparel sizing (coats, sweaters, t-shirts)


Measure your dog's back from the neck base to the tail base. Be sure that your dog is standing, not sitting. If the measurement is between sizes then order one size up.  For Improved Fit, Coats and Sweaters are numerically sized from 8"-24" depending on the style. If your pet measures in between --go up to the next whole size. 

T-Shirts Sizing:

 Xtra Small