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Parody Toy Haute Diggity Dog Organic Catinip White Paw Seltzer with organic catnip and feathers
Back view of White Paw parody cat toy display card showing details

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Cat Toy - White Paw Kitty Seltzer Spiked with Catnip

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 Kitty Cats everywhere can now enjoy their own libations, just like their pet parents.  Lickety Lime and Meowie Mango White Paw Kitty Seltzer from Haute Diggity Dog! 

  • 2 Cans, per package--each with a feather for more fun. 
  • Filled with organic catnip and crinkle material
  • Each can is 4 1/2" tall, approximately 2" wide
  • Only safe and non-toxic materials used
  • Machine washable 
Keep in mind, all pets should be supervised when playing with toys