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Political Prints for Dog Bone Toys with a Sqeuaker
Deomocratic Donkey Print on Dog Bone  Squeaky toy
Republican Elephant Print on Dog Bone Squeaky Toy
Dog Toys-Political Dog Bones
Political Dog Bone Print Toys showing backing
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Dog Toys-Political Dog Bones

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Is your dog a Republican, a Democrat, or Independent?  It's an election year, choose your candidates wisely!   

No Bones About It! 

 "Talk is cheap, voting is free; take it to the polls." Nanette L. Avery

Be the person your dog thinks you are!


Choose from:

  • Democratic Donkey
  • Republican Elephant
  • Independent Stripes

All bones measure approximately 6" and have a faux fur soft backing and a squeaker inside. $8.95 each

MADE in the USA