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Dog Toys-Fleece Rope Toys

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You and your dog will love this rope toy.  It is made with nautical knots so it is durable, stretchable and won't unravel.  The fleece fabric safe and soft on your pet's teeth and gums.  There are no strings for your dog to ingest or for you to clean up! The fabric is pre-washed by the manufacturer to eliminate any sizing used.   Your pet will enjoy playing fetch and tug with you or on his own. The colors are bright and fun and these fleece dog toys can be machine washed and dried.

Available in two sizes:

Small: approximately 14" long in total (knotted section is 7") X 2.5" thick.  Recommended for small and medium dogs  Price $7.95
Large: approximately 24" long in total (knotted section is  15") X 4" thick.   Recommended for larger breeds. Price $12.00

Each toy is hand made in the USA and may vary slightly in size.

Pets should always be supervised while playing with any toy or object.